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Wexham Springs – Grounds Maintenance Renovation

Monday 18 March, 2019

What is Wexham Springs?

Wexham Springs is a business campus providing office space for a variety of blue-chip companies, Wexham Springs is situated in the Buckinghamshire countryside but conveniently close to major motorways. The woodland walk gives people the chance to find a quiet space to sit on their lunch break, this gives staff the chance to forget they are at work, for an hour!

Eco Landscapes mowed paths through the meadow area as an encouragement to the tenants to use this space for their fitness programmes and lunch time walks. 

How did Eco Landscapes Ltd become part of this project opportunity?

Eco Landscapes Ltd were awarded this contract through a tender process. The tenants of this site were not happy with the service or standard of the previous contractor. Eco Landscapes Ltd understood the landscaping and the requirements the client expected and were confident they could deliver this level of service.

Scope of works recommended

Commercial Ground Maintenance x 2 full time staff members on site 45 Hours per week.

Services Provided by Eco Landscapes Ltd:

  • Grass cutting
  • Strimming
  • Hedge cutting
  • Weeding
  • Pruning shrubs and small trees as required
  • Scarifying, tining, applying herbicide and selective weed killers
  • Keeping the paths and roadways clean
  • Litter picking
  • Pond maintenance
  • Maintaining football pitch, tennis court, cricket wicket
  • Woodland management
  • Tree surgery
  • Winter Snow clearance and gritting. 
  • Pressure washing of walkways. 

Challenges experienced 

  • The first challenge was to return the site to a well-established, high standard of grounds maintenance.
  • Large overgrown hedges needed to be brought down to a manageable height.
  • The Concrete statues on site were created by William Mitchell in 1964 naming them “The Corn King and The Spring Queen”. These statues were inspired by the old concrete leftovers from the pre-existing concrete testing facilities which were once on site. These statues have conservation orders on them.
  • There was a collection of trees already planted on site which we have added to. For example, the tenants asked for a monkey puzzle tree to be added. 


  • The tennis court was pressure washed, the cricket wicket was renewed using an artificial wicket and the football pitch was relined. This encouraged the tenants to use these open spaces.
  • A schedule was put in place to revitalise the lawns on a yearly schedule, weed and feed applied, moss treatment applied, scarifying, tining, over seeding of the lawns.
  • The Concrete Statues mentioned in the Challenges Experience section are protected by conservation orders so, Eco Landscapes had to re-landscape around these statues. 
  • A regeneration plan has been carried out to the Woodland areas. For example, the Rhododendrons were coppiced to allow them to rejuvenate and new benches were installed to create a peaceful place to rest.
  • A pond pump has been revitalised, which includes the installation of the new pond pump and water feature. 
  • Path edging was replaced and the self-binding breedon gravel was topped up and levelled.
  • Bird Boxes were installed around the woodland area to encourage wildlife. 
  • Bin stores which were replaced were highly recommended and approved by H&S. 
  • Decking area installed using recycled plastic decking boards 

Project team

Client: Vine Property Management
Property Manager: Ron Parrish- Associate Partner
Contract Management: Dan Hodkins
Designer: Eco Landscapes Ltd Approved Contract Managers