IO Centre – Grounds Maintenance Renovation

IO Centre – Hedgerow Maintenance

Corporate Grounds Maintenance

IO Centre – Grounds Maintenance Renovation

Monday 18 March, 2019

What is the IO Centre?

IO Centre is an industrial estate developed for a range of industrial businesses located in Sutton.  

How did Eco Landscapes Ltd become part of this project opportunity?

Eco Landscapes were approached by the managing agent for this site back in 2018 because of the condition and standards of maintenance of the site prior to our services being offered. IO Centre standards were high due to believing in the benefits of their industrial estate, bringing in revenue and custom as well as happy tenants. There are 15 units on site which were all occupied and expected high standard services from a Corporate Grounds Maintenance Company. 

Scope of works recommended

Fortnightly maintenance visits.

Services Provided by Eco Landscapes Ltd: 

  • Pedestrian grass cutting
  • Weed Control on hard surfaces when required
  • Sweeping/blowing of all hard surfaces Inc. leaf fall
  • Shrub cutting/trimming
  • Hand pruning of specimen shrubs/trees at correct times
  • Weed control on all shrub beds/tree pits when required
  • Litter picking (litter being small enough to fit in black bin bag)

Challenges experienced

When first visiting the IO Centre, Eco Landscapes came to realise the extent of the heavily overgrown environment.


After our first contracted visit to IO Centre, Eco Landscapes spoke with the facilities manager to explain that the site washeavily overgrown and that there were now 2 recommended options, both having a great impact and showcasing our future plans. These options were; 

  1. Eco Landscapes carry out a high standard, two day clear up to bring the site back up to a good standard. This would have been completed at additional costings


  1. Eco Landscapes slowly work our way around the site in the time allocated for the scheduled visits, but this would be a slow process.

The client then agreed to the 2-day tidy up was the best solution. 


“Since we have completed the two day clear up, already have tenants have said how much better the site looks and they are glad we are working here.”

Project team

Client: Savills
Designer: Eco Landscapes Ltd Approved Contract Managers