Eco have been awarded a BALI Accreditation

Monday 25 July, 2016

What is a BALI?

The British Association of Landscape Industries is established to promote, support and inspire all professional landscapers, garden designers and landscape suppliers to be leaders of an environmentally, ethically and commercially sustainable landscape industry.

BALI is the leading Trade Association for the nation's landscape professionals and delivers exceptional business, technical and promotional support to their members.

BALI have over 900 professional landscapers, landscape contractors, grounds maintenance contractors, interior landscapers, gardeners and garden designers listed as active members who have been fully vetted and approved.

Members have specialist skills in tree work, disabled gardens, garden design, gardening, fencing, hard landscaping, soft landscaping, turf and lawn care, artificial turf, trees and shrubs, hydroseeding, interiorscapes, drainage, groundworks, roof gardens and sports grounds and maintenance to name a few. 

Why did Eco choose BALI?

To be granted Registered membership, BALI members sign up to our Code of Conduct pledging to carry out their business to the very highest industry standards. This means we invested in staff training and skills development, adhering to health and safety regulations, considering the environmental and ethical implications of what we do, and running our operations with honesty and integrity. By our customers choosing a BALI professional to maintain your grounds, or supply your ethically sourced natural stone paving, they can be assured of professional excellence, value for money, and outstanding customer service.

How did we get awarded BALI?

Eco Landscapes were awarded BALI by Internal vetting, proving competence, supplying and proving document compliance, and referees. Once conducted, was submitted with BALI. As well as Internal, an external vetting took place by BALI. The BALI Vetting Officer visited Eco Landscapes head office as well as checking internal processes and performed site visits.

What happens now were awarded BALI?

Eco Landscapes will now be apart of the membership, showing our clients that we are compliant, and that we provide professional excellence in our services.

Being awarded BALI opened up a new opportunity for Eco Landscapes, such as access to the BALI Jobs open page where can submit quotations, costings, etc. 

Eco Landscapes Ltd now have an opportunity to submit a scheme into the annual BALI National Landscape Awards, the largest landscaping awards in Europe.

BALI National Landscape Awards

The British Association of Landscape Industries’ (BALI) prestigious landscaping Awards is the biggest in the industry calendar and the 2019 Awards promises to be the best yet. We celebrate the skills, hard work, quality, commitment and successes of BALI members. 

Receiving a BALI National Landscape Award is one of the landscape industries' highest accolades and promises to change the way you and your business are perceived, such is the kudos andrespect these industry awards command.