Eco Landscapes provides expert environmental services to help liven up and give a more appealing and ecological feel to an empty space.

Green Roof

A Green Roof is a system that uses vegetation as the finish of the roof covering instead of just the weathering materials. The benefits of a green roof aren’t just introducing a creative dimension to the flat roof project, a green roof provides financial and environmental benefits.

We carry out a structural survey on the building to ensure that the existing supports are able to take the additional weight of the new environmentally friendly cover. This ensures all our clients have peace of mind before any work begins.

Other than keeping the roof waterproof it also could reduce other costs:

  • Improves thermal properties of the building
  • Absorbs a lot of moisture, eliminating the need for complex drainage systems
  • Reduces flood risk to the flat roof – Green roofs can retain 40%-90% of rain water they receive
  • ...and many more

Living Wall Maintenance

Living Walls, just like a Green Roofs, are self-sufficient and environmentally friendly alternatives to weathering materials. The only difference?. They are vertical!

These vertical gardens are attached to either the exterior or interior of a building and can vary in style dependent on the types of plants used, for example Ivy is a popular choice. In order for the Living Wall to thrive, the plants receive water and nutrients from within the vertical support instead of from the ground.

Living walls are not only creative and potentially a work of art, but are often used as building protection from the weather such as intense sunlight and thermal fluctuations. This helps to make buildings more energy efficient which in turn leads to a decrease in carbon emissions. In addition, they also absorb and filter storm weather and help to reduce pollution.

Living walls that are outside are incredibly beneficial to the native wildlife including small birds, butterflies, bees and ladybugs – they are all attracted to this green oasis. Living Walls can help bring biodiversity back into the city!

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